Conference on Maritime Traditions of Indian and Pacific Oceans

22 March 2018 – 24 March 2018

Kochi, Kerala, India


The Conference recognizes the maritime traditions of the Indian and Pacific ocean regions as a compendium of knowledge based on seafaring experiences from a number of countries and regions. The conference will draw a post-industrial reassessment of a pre-industrial past, by locating the inter-connections and cross fertilisation of ideas from the perspective of scholars and professionals from the region. Further, the exploration of other paradigms of looking at this oceanic region, will contribute to the discussions on pre-European catalysts in this extensive maritime region.                   

The objectives of this Conference is (i) to reassess current knowledge on nautical and maritime traditions in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and (ii) to begin the process of creating a database of coastal sites on maritime routes, sites and oral traditions for collectively narrating the cultural and natural linkages across the Ocean world. This conference is being organised to bring together a network of people working on maritime pasts from the Indian and Pacific ocean region, who could help in putting together content for the proposed new maritime museum at Muziris in Kerala. The conference aims to draw attention to aspects of the pre-European maritime traditions that indicate the various strands of a pre-colonial connection between the two oceanic regions. 



A sewn boat, Odam, at Lakshadweep. 1997. (From the Archives of Indian Maritime Community Traditions, available at